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Lawn Maintenance
Tips for Spring


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Lawn Maintenance

Now is the time to get the old weeds, grass and leaves out of your landscape.  The grass is starting to green up and sprout, therefore, get the crabgrass and weed killer out soon.  We have had a warm winter.  Spring weeds will be abundant this year.  Go ahead and hook up your sprinkler meters.  Clean your gutters now.

Tips for Spring

It's just about spring in Maumelle.  It's time to do some inspections around the house to make sure that winter was not too hard on the exterior.  Here are some things to check:

1.  Take a look at your sprinkler valve. Make sure the pipes in the ground have not frozen and burst.  In the Fall, you should have had it removed and winterized.  If so, in a few weeks, it will be time to install it.

2.  Check your homes eaves, siding, brick, roof and gutters.  Freezing water and hibernating animals can play havoc with these.
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